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UPVC Fascia, Soffit and Guttering products combine ease of installation with enhanced aesthetics and performance.

We supply the widest range of building plastics on the market. All of our precision-manufactured components are designed for long-life durability.

low-maintenance and ease of installation. They are available in a vast range of colours and wood grain finishes to suit any property.

With quality workmanship and the quality of our products we at the Roofline Advice Centre offer some of the best guarantees in the market.

Our Products

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Standard Square Fascia

Bull Nose Fascia

Ogee Fascia

A wide range of colours.

Hard-wearing, low-maintenance PVC fascia board – designed for direct fixing to rafters.

As the flagship Eurocell fascia board, Euroboard is the perfect product for new homes or for replacing old fascias. Available in standard profile or a distinctive sculpted ogee style, Euroboard is strong enough to be fitted directly onto roof rafters. It’s easy to fit and makes a smart improvement to any home.

Why choose Eurocell Euroboard PVC fascias?

Available in two styles to suit your home, this robust PVCu fascia system is designed for low-maintenance and long-life. No painting is required and, at 18mm thick, the fascia boards are sturdy enough to be attached directly to your rafters – helping to reduce the cost of fascia replacement.

Euroboard fascias are designed to complement our Eurosoffits, but are also compatible with all other types of soffits – giving you a choice of styles for your roofline. What’s more, if you also choose Eurocell windows and doors for your home, you are guaranteed an exact colour match across all your PVC-U products.

Why choose Eurocell soffits?

Our range of stylish soffits will enhance any home and is available in colours and styles to suit all tastes. Boards are easy to fit and are fully compatible with our fascia systems for an exact colour match. The colours precisely match Eurocell windows and door systems too. You can choose from three soffits styles:

· Eurosoffit board has built-in ventilation slots to ensure your loft is well ventilated at all times, preventing damp and protecting rafters from rot.

· Our 9mm utility soffit board provides a simple, clean look and can be enhanced with vents to maintain airflow through your loft space.

· Hollow soffit board is a lightweight, cost-effective soffit solution, which can also be fitted with our highly effective ventilators.

Technical specification.

· 9mm-thick board, fully compatible with Euroboard fascias and capping boards.

· Available in widths from 150mm to 400mm.

· Available in five-metre lengths.

· Colour-matched fixing pins, corner trims and accessories available.

· Unique colour-match promise across our entire range of products including windows, doors and conservatories as well as fascias, soffits and guttering.

· Eurosoffit board features integral ventilation slots for a constant airflow into the roof space.

· Separate soffit ventilators available.

· Offers better thermal insulation than brick, concrete or timber.

· Supplied with up to 20-year guarantee against discolouration, warping and cracking.

Technical specification

· 18mm-thick board, designed for direct fix to rafters – eliminating the need for a timber substrate.

· Available in eight widths from 150mm to 450mm.

· Available in five-metre lengths.

· Available in standard or ogee sculpted styles.

· Boards should be secured to rafters at a maximum of 600mm centres.

· Colour-matched fixing pins and corner trims available.

· Unique colour-match promise across our entire range of products including windows, doors and conservatories as well as fascias, soffits and guttering.

· Offers better thermal insulation than brick, concrete or timber.

· Fire rating to BS476 Part 7: 1997 Class 1.

· Guttering should be secured to every third rafter, although Euroboard is thick enough to hold extra fixings at other points.

· Supplied with up to 20-year guarantee against discolouration, warping and cracking.



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The number 1 Choice for Fascias, Soffits, Guttering in the London and Surrey and Surrounding Areas.

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